Campaign Rules

All rules are as in 3.5 by default, with the following changes.

Character Build

One of the players may play Palin son of Paladur as a PC; otherwise Palin will be an NPC.

If you are a non-dwarf you could belong to a clan but there would have to be a good reason. Otherwise in your back ground you will need to determine why you would be helping Palin with his mission to reclaim his kingdom.

PCs are created at level 1 with 30-point buy for stats. Any of the supplements can be used, with DM approval.

Each character starts with 1 edge point (see below). Half-elves start with 2 edge points.

A separate pool of 20 build points can be used to buy edge points, contacts or stat points as follows:

  • 10 build points increase your stat point pool by 1 (so 31 point buy instead of 30).
  • 5 build points increase your edge by 1.
  • 1 build point buys a contact (see below), and additional points add to the contact’s loyalty or resources.


Contacts work as in Shadowrun. If a contact dies and/or tries to blow you up, you can end up replacing that contact with another by appropriate role playing. You may acquire free contacts during the game based on the decisions you make.


Edge works similarly to Shadowrun. For an edge test, roll d6’s equal to your total edge points, count 5’s and 6’s as hits, and add an extra die for each 6 (exploding).

Edge can be used as follows. Each use spends 1 point of edge.

  • To modify a roll — Roll an edge test and add the number of hits to the original roll.
  • To go first in initiative.
  • To stabilize — Roll an edge test (DC 1).
  • To gain an extra move action (limit 1 per turn).
  • To save your character from a nasty fate — Permanently burn 1 point of edge. You must make an edge test with DC determined by the DM. If you fail, no edge is lost but you still face your nasty fate.

Edge points are replenished after each session/adventure.

At 5 th , 10 th , 15 th and 20 th level, your character gets 1 additional point of edge.

Note that some monsters/NPCs will have edge as well.



Increase your edge by 3, but no higher than 6.


Gain +1 on diplomacy rolls and an extra 10 build points to spend on contacts.



Does not require a costly component. Otherwise unchanged.


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