Clans and Clansmen

Hrathson — Runs the miners guild

Gladstone — Diversified; runs a bunch of minor guilds, e.g. potters, seamstress, glass blowers

Fenwick — A human (but he has dwarves in his clan); runs the horses, ponies and farms outside Iron Forge

Krenshaw — Runs the soldiers/guards

Orlath — Runs the smithing guild

Kranstone — Diversified but mainly banks/storage

Greystone — Runs the wizards/lore masters/alchemist guild

Palin belongs to the Stonebringer clan which is a small clan that is involved with quarrying.

Other Persons of Note

Garrick Gleamstone — The kind and elderly prelate of Moradin

Marla, champion of Moradin — Arrogant and ambitious, she is rumoured to be slated to replace Garrick as prelate

Durin son Dugin — Powerful wizard, enchanter and lore master frequently absent on mysterious missions

Rastic — Crime lord based in the slums

“The Mouse” — a gnomish nomadic black marketer and procurer of goods based in the slums

Fezzick — Human alchemist/enchanter. He tends to deal in highly experimental stuff and strange sounds are often heard. His lab has its own special area where only the truly brave (or desperate) dare go.


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