Clues and Lore

Kingdom of Balladur

  • Clan Hrathson comes from Balladur, but some of their records are missing from the archives. They seem to be against Palin’s quest to regain the throne.
  • A bandit-king currently lays claim to part of the kingdom.
  • Viseryx, a powerful red dragon, lives in Balladur.

Ulgar the Witch-King

  • The Barrow of the Witch-King Ulgar is located in the Shadow Bog.
  • Lord Greystone is interested in Ulgar. He has one part of a key for the witch-king’s barrow.
  • Lore from the library in Westport:

The last resting place of the Witch King can be found
At a clearing 7 leagues north of Dead Man’s Quay
At winter’s peak the last of the sun’s rays will reveal the mound,
The first rays of the next day shall carry all within away.
Four pieces of the key await those who enter but beware
The Witch King with power will the unwitting ensnare.

  • We also found a diagram of the entire key.
  • It seems that Greystone’s part of the key may get us into the barrow, where the other parts can be found.


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