March 25, 2012
Each PC 12756 gp (when we get a chance to sell stuff)
Palin Potion of haste
Spartacus Potion of haste
Samtaz Potion of cure serious

See email for a list of items that may be taken in lieu of gold.

March 16, 2012
Palin 0 gp major circlet of blasting
Samtaz 9338 gp scrolls, cloak of resistance +2
Warren 4819 gp wand of eagle’s splendour, minor ring of cold resistance*
Gar 11764 gp
Spartacus 11764 gp
Expedition Fund 5000 gp

* The ring is worth 6000 gp, if you want to sell it.

Also various potions were distributed.

February 3, 2012 – updated February 10, 2012
Palin 5922 gp
Samtaz 5922 gp potion of cure moderate
Rogar (RIP) 5922 gp
Warren 5922 gp
Dwelf 3922 gp sword shards (protection +1, slotless), potion of invisibility
Palin’s Expedition Fund current balance 9000 gp

January 20, 2012
Palin 0 gp gauntlets of ogre strength +4, amulet of natural armour +2, potion of blur
Samtaz 0 gp robe of protection +3, rod of lesser extend, staff of illumination (11 charges), belt of healing, scroll of stone to flesh, potions of fox cunning, mage armour, neutralize poison
Rogar 0 gp Skullcracker (warhammer +2, impact), wand of bull’s strength (27 charges), periapt of wisdom +2, gauntlets of ogre strength +2, scroll of air walk
Warren 0 gp lesser chausable of fell power, chain shirt +1, potion of cure moderate wounds
Dwelf 0 gp Shadowsteel (chain shirt +3, black mithral, improved shadow, improved slick), belt of giant strength +2, silversheen, oil of greater magic weapon +4, potions of displacement, bull’s strength
Party Loot 14000 gp bag of holding (type 2), stone courser

December 16, 2011

We decided to return the obviously stolen goods and keep and/or sell the rest of the stuff we got from Tomas & co.

Palin 2634.5 gp shield +1, dwarven waraxe +1, gauntlets of ogre strength +2, acrobat boots
Samtaz 3447 gp bracers of dex +2, wand of fireballs (CL 5, 13 charges)
Rogar 5759.5 gp morningstar +1
Mad-Eye 2909.5 gp ring of protection +2
Dwelf 3999.5 gp masterwork rapier, boots of striding & springing
Party Loot Greatclub “Thorn”We decided to hang on to this in case it comes in handy.

I might not be up-to-date with this new-fangled math you young-un’s are using these days, but that gold almost totals the 20,000 we need to fund Palin’s fool quest. Why are we risking our hides going after the Witch-King’s hole in the ground?

If we were to leave for Balladur now, I fear that it would indeed be a fool’s quest. My research in Westport indicated that there is a powerful red dragon there, as well as a “bandit king”, both of whom will undoubtedly oppose us. At this point, we are certainly not capable of fighting a mature dragon. An expedition to Ulgar’s Barrow seems easier (probably comparable to our recent adventure in the catacombs), and would grant us valuable experience as well as, presumably, treasure that could fund and equip us for our main quest.
The expedition to Balladur will take considerable time and effort, and I’m sure we can agree that there’s no point rushing off before we’re ready.
- Samtaz

November 18, 2011

Palin: Adamantine dwarven waraxe

November 11, 2011

Each PC: 2340 gp

Palin’s Slush Fund: 1000 gp

And a slightly used breastplate for Palin.

October 28, 2011

Each PC: 32 gp

3 sp went for ale and sundries before the loot was shared out.


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