If you decide to come from a particular area and want more information let me know and I will flesh it out for you.

Iron Forge

The campaign will start in the Dwarven city of Iron Forge a majestic city built into the side of a mountain range with a human and dwarven community just outside of it.

The city of Iron Forge contains 12 layers of circles with gates/bridges leading from circle to circle with the innermost being the smallest (but still quite large)  There are 3 stories on average in each circle and the outermost requires miles of travel to go around.  Tunnels from the outermost ring travel deep into the mountains known as the “ways” and eventually reach abandoned or active dwarven communities.  The ways are infested with goblinoids, vermin and other more dangerous creatures but the areas close to Iron Forge tend to be relatively safe.

 From innermost to outermost:

  1. King’s court, hall of sessions, royal quarters
  2. Military chamber, Feasting hall, Great vault
  3. Noble/minor royalty quarters, Lore keepers vaults, Great temple of Moridin
  4. Soldiers barracks and living quarters
  5. Tradesmen, upper class living quarters, wizards guild, diplomatic quarters
  6. Alchemist, other temples, living quarters, cistern
  7. Tradesmen of all types, living quarters, steam baths
  8. Tradesmen of all types, living quarters, great arena
  9. Tradesmen of all types, living quarters, great forge
  10. Slums, smugglers, thieves, living quarters
  11. Non-Dwarven living quarters, specialist tradesmen, cave of a thousand stars
  12. Entrance to outside, miners quarters, soldier barracks, living quarters (miners), stables, a few specialized living quarters

External World

Dwarves live in the mountains and most in the city of Iron Forge (you will be starting the campaign here).

Humans generally come from Westport/Eastport for sailors, the plains (horsemen and small villages/farmers) or on other continents (jungle to the south, continent of snow and ice to the north, islands to the east).

Halflings are located in the plains (farming settlements) or through the sailings ships (rovers) that ply the seas.

Gnomes had a big diaspora years ago and have generally settled in with the other races.  Most towns and cities have a gnome population living in their own area.

Elves are found in the forests (noble wood elves), north area (think aboriginal traditions), Sea-farers and the jungle (drow).

Half-elves can be found anywhere that most demi-humans are located.

Half-orcs are generally located in the marshes or the mountains and rarely have half-orc only communities that are larger than 50 or so.  They are generally found among humans or orcs depending on which side of their heritage they embrace

Warforged exist but are fairly rare and are considered oddities.  They are usually located near gnomes or dwarves as gnomes love to tinker with and improve them and often hire them as bodyguards/soldiers and dwarves are interested in making them.

Other races can be worked in but would generally be quite rare, if you have one in mind you want to try let me know and we can work out a background.


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