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  • A Fortunate Beginning

    The Guild Master regarded his visitor sceptically. Hed heard the young mans arguments before, but he couldnt just turn him away without a polite hearing. Young Palin was a paladin, and apparently descended from the ancient house of Balladur to boot.

  • What Happens Next

    Quiet there, or Ill give you a beating.

    That would be a change. Usually, the cruel-eyed dwarf just supervised while the bugbears beat us. The beatings had been pretty regular for the past three days, apparently to prevent us from preparing our

  • ulgars-barrow

    A Report on the Magical Barrow of the Witch-King Ulgar

    And the Events, Objects and Creatures Witnessed Therein By Samtaz Deepgranite of Iron Forge

    Prepared at the Request

  • Samtaz Resolves

    People call me Lucky Sam. Ive always had good luck, and I am indeed fortunate to have survived so long in Palins company. Several of our companions havent been so lucky Rogar, Dwelf, Galadan and Chuck have all fallen in battle.

    I should