Ulgar's Key

Key to the Witch-King's Barrow


The key is in five parts. When joined together, each part grants the bearer a magical ability.

Part 1: Looking at text through the circular loop allows the viewer to read any language.

Part 2: See in magical darkness and extend darkvision by 60’

Part 3: Rage 5x/day.

Part 4: Cast fear 5x/day.

Part 5: Cast mirror image at will.


This is the key to the barrow of the witch-king Ulgar. It is in five parts. The first part, which is required to enter the barrow, was in the possession of Lord Greystone. The other parts are to be found inside the barrow. We believe the complete key is required to enter the final chamber.

Sketch and notes from the library at Westport:

Ulgar's Key

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