3-Chop Nick

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3-Chop Nick is a butcher in one of the higher circles of Iron Forge. He does excellent quality products and specializes in rare meats and exotic cuts. He got his name as a result of a having lost a hand to corrupt guardsman Lieutenant Groader. Guardsman Lieutenant Groader was as corrupt as they come and ran a variety of schemes out of the guard’s post. He customarily put the squeeze on merchants by accusing them of using false measures and weights and then carrying out the sentence of loss of hand before they could be seen before the magistrate. They had the option of paying the ‘fine’ right then of course, and most did, but Nick was very proud of his scales and is a genuinely honest. Much to his sorrow. Well, we all know the story of how Guard’s Captain Rogar Grimhammer busted guardsman lieutenant Groader’s schemes and face in the now famous ‘4 day arrest’ and we won’t go into that here.

Suffice it to say, 3-Chop Nick recovered and had his missing had capped with a butchers blade that actually increased his working capicity and skill. Nick is now terrified of being under weight or short changing customers, even though he knows his scales are good, so he customarily adds an extra portion to the amount that he sells, just to be sure. Going in for 2 chops will net the customer 3, albeit a rather small 3rd.

Scrupulously honest and hard working, this propensity for generosity with his food caught the ears of Chuck when he moved into Iron Forge to help his good pal Palin the Paladin recover Palin’s kingdom. Needing a good meal and knowing that with fast hands, he can increase his portion from 3 to perhaps 4 or even 5 pieces, Chuck has become one of Nick’s best customers. Chuck can be seen daily buying sausage, beef, pork, mutton, and pretty much anything else in the meat world from Nick and bringing it home to Mrs. Rogar Grimhammer to turn into anything lovely (the woman is known as Saint Pie maker to the 1/2-ling community).

3-Chop Nick’s popularity makes his shop a popular destination for all kinds of people and Nick serves all of the wealthy or scions of wealth personally. Being one handed makes him rather slow though and he is often in a position to hear a great deal about what is going on around the city from his diverse and well connected patrons. Nick, while not a blabber mouth, is extremely proud of ‘what he knows’ and has to be right, whatever the case. He was right about Groader afterall, and he is right about this too. He has a soft spot of Chuck, the emaciated, starving 1/2-ling, and will often share tales and information over a drink after work.

3-Chop Nick

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