Contact of Chucks


Loyalty 4 Contacts/Usefullness 6
They are magical know it alls who, with their two heads researching seperately for the last 300 years, have accumulated a great store of things magical and curative.


Goblin/One-eye are a single humanoid blend of two old sorcerers who thought that they could put one over on Malabar. yes that Malabar, the leader of the 5, who sealed the breach from the dark plane into this world low these 300 years past. Goblin/One-eye were attempting to usurp Malabar’s position within the guild when he learned of their plans and set a trap for the trappers. When Goblin and One-eye arranged to confront Malabar, Malabar invoked a devious curse upon them forcing them to merge into one being with 2 heads and one body. the left half was Goblin and the right half One-eye. where the other halves went, no one knows. Unable to cast their powerful spells with only one hand, they fell to the ground and begged Malabar’s mercy. Malabar of course was famous for his utter ruthlessness and merely laughed at the poor deluded fool(s?).
the fate of Malabar is known to all of course, but the fate of Goblin/One-eye is less known. They retreated from the city to a tiny village called Fork Horn and there they have spent the last 300 years trying to undo Malabar’s curse. Despite their inability to work strong magic, they have considerable ability making potions and other one shot items including some of great, if limited, power.
Goblin/One-eye are always trying out cures for their condition and often hire adventures to acquire the complex, strange and difficult ingredients for their myriad of cures for their condition.
Interestingly enough, their shck is just up the street from Chuck Findlay’s and, although Chuck spent his childhood throwing rocks through their windows disrupting their experiemnts at often crucial points, they have developed an unfortunate fondness for the puny miserable bastard who will come to a painful and messy end when they break that crotch roting animal fornicating turd’s, Malabar’s, spell. They will help Chuck out now and when the curse is broken, they can get their revenge on the little brat!


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