Dwelf the Daring

Dwarf Rogue-Swashbuckler


Rogue 3/ Swashbuckler 3/ Fighter 1

Hp: 50
BA: 6/1
Init +7

Feats and Class Abilities
Sneak Attack +2d6
Insightful Strike +3
Grace +1
Weapon Finesse
Two Weapon Fighting
Improved TWF
Combat Reflexes
Improved Initative

Magic Items
+1 Hand Axe
+1 Hand Axe
Shadowsteel (chain shirt +3, black mithral, improved shadow, improved slick)
Belt of ogre str
Potion of invisibility
Boots of striding and springing
oil of greater magic weapon +4
bull’s strength
Sword shards of protection +1


Future feats
Daring Outlaw
Greater TWF

Dwelf the Daring

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