Palin's Quest

What Happens Next

Sam's story

“Quiet there, or I’ll give you a beating.”

That would be a change. Usually, the cruel-eyed dwarf just supervised while the bugbears beat us. The beatings had been pretty regular for the past three days, apparently to prevent us from preparing our spells. I tried to point out that there was no need to include me in the beatings, since they’d taken my spellbook, but our jailor paid no heed. The idiot probably thought I was a sorcerer. Anyway, none of us had any spells left except for some cantrips.

Palin and Rogar were imprisoned with me,. Chuck and Galadan had been killed in the fight with Tomas and his henchmen. When I surrendered I’d thought the other two were goners too, but fortunately Palin was only mostly dead and he was able to revive Rogar.

Rogar’s sister Ingra was in the cell too. For once my luck had let me down – if we’d gone right instead of left, we could have rescued Ingra and gotten away safely. Korak wasn’t there, but Ingra was able to give us some more information about him. Apparently, the abductions he’d been investigating were linked to the Church of Moradin. That sounded wrong to me, but Rogar seemed to accept it. Church politics, I guess.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to us. Tomas was planning to blackmail the Prelate of Moradin, maybe he thought we had something to do with all that. But on the third day, fate intervened.

First we heard an angry bellowing sound in the distance. Then we heard sounds of commotion and running feet, and most of the lights in the prison went out. Our jailor crept out into the corridor carrying his axe. A couple of minutes later, he burst back into the room, followed by a sinuous pink tentacle that wrapped around his neck and dragged him back out again. That was startling, but the low, rasping chuckle and slavering sounds that followed were truly horrifying. A shadowy form appeared at the threshold and we held our collective breath until it moved away.

After that, there was nothing but silence, a faint flicker of torchlight, and the jailor’s key ring lying on the floor where he’d dropped it. Unfortunately, there was no way we could reach the keys from inside our cell.

… except for some cantrips.

Yes, Samtaz did prepare mage hand before the tragic encounter.

This log entry is based on the DM’s disaster adventure epilogue.



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