Palin's Quest

Samtaz Resolves

People call me “Lucky Sam”. I’ve always had good luck, and I am indeed fortunate to have survived so long in Palin’s company. Several of our companions haven’t been so lucky – Rogar, Dwelf, Galadan and Chuck have all fallen in battle.

I should have been able to do more to help my comrades. Since Dwelf fell to a horde of grimlocks, I can’t help feeling that I could have saved him. If only I’d been a bit luckier, a bit quicker, I could probably have taken down several of the grimlocks with a fireball and Dwelf would most likely have survived.

Things cannot continue like this. I can’t watch more of my friends die. There are ways for me to harness my good fortune, to use it to help others in need. I have come to realize that luck and fate are two ends of the same drift, and that a person can directly affect the fate of others. I think that I am beginning to understand the arcane mechanisms governing fortune and fate.

I am resolved that before any more of us are killed, I will learn how to use my magical talents to channel my luck and use it to save lives.

(But first we have to get out of this frozen academy building.)


Sam has been stealing my luck and giving me his bad luck, I’m sure of it. Not sure why I didn’t see it earlier. Hitting once out of 20 attacks, dying and coming back as a halfling. I heard what happened to the last halfling. I’m getting out of this group before it kills me.

Samtaz Resolves

If you stay, I promise to give you good luck from now on. I’ll even let you ride a doggie.

Samtaz Resolves

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