Palin's Quest

A Fortunate Beginning

Sam's Introduction

The Guild Master regarded his visitor sceptically. He’d heard the young man’s arguments before, but he couldn’t just turn him away without a polite hearing. Young Palin was a paladin, and apparently descended from the ancient house of Balladur to boot. But that wasn’t enough to get the Master to send one of his wizards on some foolish, hopeless quest.

Just then there was a clattering noise in the corridor. The Master looked up to see one of the apprentices picking up his staff from the floor. He sighed; there was clearly only one way to get rid of the pesky paladin. “You!” he called out, “Sandor is it?”

Samtaz, sir. Sorry to disturb you.” The young apprentice straightened up nervously.

“Have you passed your apprentice examination yet?”

“It’s next week, sir. I… well, I’m pretty sure I’ll pass.”

“Good. When you do, I have a special assignment for you.” At least he wouldn’t be losing one of his best wizards.

When Sam left the Master’s office, he was grinning from ear to ear. By next week, not only would he be a proper wizard, he’d be leaving on an adventure; a quest, just like in the stories he used to read. A royal quest, to regain a kingdom! He could hardly believe his luck.



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