Palin’s Quest

A D&D 3.5 Campaign

The ancient Dwarven kingdom of Balladur was overrun by orcs, ogres, trolls and even darker creatures 300 years ago. It was during the great upheaval when the kingdoms were warring upon each other and the Dark ones used the chaos to invade and swallow up kingdom after kingdom with their armies of evil. Eventually the other kingdoms united and in an epic battle eventually stopped and threw back the Dark ones. Over the years the Dark ones power base was undermined and then reduced so they are but a shadow of their former selves hidden away in the Mire of Mists. Some of the lands they conquered were reclaimed but armies of humanoids had laid claim and still hold much of the land that was lost including the Kingdom of Balladur. The mines of Balladur used to produce silver, gold, mithril and adamantine and it was the jewel of the kingdom of the Southern dwarves. When it fell many great dwarven treasures fell with it.

Palin son of Paladur, a dwarf descended from the royal line of Balladur, wishes to reclaim his former homeland, but he is young and untested. He has gathered together a group of unlikely companions to start his life-long quest to restore the kingdom and take his rightful place as ruler of Balladur, but much stands in his way…

The campaign starts in the eastern dwarven kingdoms in the Dwarven city of Iron Forge. Much needs to be done before Palin can retake his homeland.

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Palin's Quest

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