I wander the deserted halls of Iron forge, my footsteps echoing hollowly in the cavernous chambers. I comes to the statue of Moradin, in the great temple.

As I approach, I can feel the reassuring strength of the earth filling my tired old bones. There is a sense of protection and security and rightness about the place. Then I glance down at the cornerstone of the statue and realize that it is cracked.

I get closer and examine the defect directly. Not only is the stone cracked, but it seems to be hollow. I give the cornerstone a sharp rap with my knuckles and the crack widens even more. A rotten black liquid spills out of the defect, filling the room with an overpowering stench and a sense of great wrongness.

I am wandering the halls of Moradin’s temple. The entire place is filled with a sense of security, goodness and strength. In one of the halls, I come across a plaque that contains Moradin’s four symbols; Protection, Endurance, Faithfulness, Goodness

I am filled with a sense of satisfaction and belonging as these symbols reflect my own values over my many years. But as I examine the symbols, a feeling of doubt and uncertainty begins to set in. The symbol for Faithfulness is incorrect somehow. I begin to notice a great sense of foreboding as I realize the device has been subtly altered to another symbol, unrecognizeable, but very, very wrong.

I am standing at the front of Moradin’s temple in Iron Forge, filled with a great sense of unease, rather than the usual feeling of security and protection. As I approach the majestic statue of Moradin, a shadowy cloaked figure is visible, weilding a pick made of bone. The figure swings the pick over and over, each blow breaking chunks of stone from the legs of the statue. It appears that only a few more blows will bring the statue down.

I approach and call out for the figure to stop. I have almost reached the statue and its assailant when the figure starts to turn to face me. Just before the face comes into view, I am filled with a sudden sense of dread and the certainty that if I see this face, I will never wake up.


Palin's Quest DSMfive