Tag: enemy


  • Garrick Gleamstone

    Garrick Gleamstone was the kind and elderly Prelate of Moradin in Iron Forge. Recently, a shape-changing aberration has taken Garrick's place (and presumably killed the real Garrick). This creature is responsible for the deaths of Rogar's son Korak, …

  • Tomas

    Tomas is a gnome who was a member of [[:rastic|Rastic's]] gang. After they abducted Rogar's sister Ingra, Tomas and Rastic had a falling-out and Tomas took Ingra. The party rescued Ingra, at great cust, but Tomas escaped.

  • Gangor Hrathson

    Gangor has been working to undermine Palin's quest, on behalf of Clan Hrathson. Mainly, Gangor has been interfering with libraries and archives - stealing records and bribing librarians.